Latest Updates

A rundown of the latest TimeMaster feature releases, product enhancements, design updates, and important bug fixes.

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Explore the latest updates to our settings page, including a redesign for easier navigation, configurable break time notifications, detailed category popups for better focus tracking, and improved UI for the time breakdown chart.

Configurable Break Time Notification Duration

You can now turn off or enable break notifications from the settings page. Break notifications remind you to take a break after a certain period of work. Previously, the default was set to 45 minutes, which is considered …

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This update fixes a critical offline tracking bug, ensuring data is saved without internet. New features include tracking daily app/website usage to identify distractions, with multiple accesses within 5 minutes counted as one. Enhancements to the session and project details pages improve categorization and offer comprehensive time logs. A new breakdown categorizes app usage by focus, collaboration, and distraction. Plus, check app versions and updates directly from settings, with automatic …

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This update introduces category deletion, comprehensive tracking control, idle detection, activity sorting, and detailed session insights for improved time management.

Option to stop tracking

We have introduced a new option to completely stop tracking. Previously, the option only allowed for halting activity tracking, while session tracking remained active, causing confusion. To address this, we have changed the label from ‘stop activity tracking’ to ‘stop tracking’ to …

Jan 28, 2024


Arc browser support

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TimeMaster has added support for the Arc browser! Arc, known for its powerful and user-friendly interface, is becoming a favorite among macOS users. This update means TimeMaster now offers support for a wide range of major browsers on macOS, including Google Chrome, Safari, Brave, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Mighty App, Ghost Browser, Opera, and more.

Previous Limitations: Before this update, while TimeMaster could track browsing time in Arc, it was unable to capture specific website URLs. This was …

Jan 15, 2024


Edit and delete sessions

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TimeMaster’s latest update brings you the ability to edit and delete your recorded sessions. Now, manage your time-tracking history with more precision – perfect for correcting mistakes or removing personal or sensitive activities.

Editing Sessions: This feature allows you to adjust the duration or details of your sessions. You can also split a session into multiple segments or remove unwanted activities within a session. Here’s how:

Example: Suppose your session runs from 10 am to …