Jan 15, 2024


Edit and delete sessions

timeMaster updates

TimeMaster’s latest update brings you the ability to edit and delete your recorded sessions. Now, manage your time-tracking history with more precision – perfect for correcting mistakes or removing personal or sensitive activities.

Editing Sessions: This feature allows you to adjust the duration or details of your sessions. You can also split a session into multiple segments or remove unwanted activities within a session. Here’s how:

Example: Suppose your session runs from 10 am to 11 am, and you want to remove activities from 10:30 am to 10:40 am. Simply:

  • Adjust the end time of the original session to 10:29 am. This splits the session.
  • Set the start time of the next session to 10:41 am. By doing this, you effectively create three separate parts of the original session, isolating and removing the unwanted middle segment

To edit or delete sessions, follow these steps

  1. Open the App: Launch timeMaster on your device.
  2. Go to Sessions: Click on the ‘Sessions’ tab to see your activity.
  3. Choose a Session: Scroll to the session you want to change.
  4. Edit or Delete:
    • To edit, tap the session, then hit ‘Edit time’ to adjust the start/end times or details.
    • To delete the session, click on the ‘Delete’ button.
  5. Save Your Changes: If you’re editing, once you’ve made your changes, tap ‘Save’ to update the log.

These new features give you more control over your time log, ensuring it accurately reflects your activities.