Jan 28, 2024


Arc browser support

timeMaster updates

TimeMaster has added support for the Arc browser! Arc, known for its powerful and user-friendly interface, is becoming a favorite among macOS users. This update means TimeMaster now offers support for a wide range of major browsers on macOS, including Google Chrome, Safari, Brave, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Mighty App, Ghost Browser, Opera, and more.

Previous Limitations: Before this update, while TimeMaster could track browsing time in Arc, it was unable to capture specific website URLs. This was a key missing piece in categorizing browsing activities, calculating focus scores, and other vital metrics for effective time management.

What’s New: We’ve now optimized and improved our tracking system to fully integrate with the Arc browser, just like we do with other major browsers. This enhancement means you’ll get a detailed record of time spent on each distinct online activity – whether it’s browsing web pages, conducting research, or online shopping. Every action is captured and presented clearly, allowing for precise time management and analytics.

With this enhancement, your TimeMaster experience becomes even more comprehensive, offering you a more accurate and insightful way to track time across a variety of browsing activities