Mar 20, 2024


Project details, sessions and time breakdown improvements

timeMaster updates

This update fixes a critical offline tracking bug, ensuring data is saved without internet. New features include tracking daily app/website usage to identify distractions, with multiple accesses within 5 minutes counted as one. Enhancements to the session and project details pages improve categorization and offer comprehensive time logs. A new breakdown categorizes app usage by focus, collaboration, and distraction. Plus, check app versions and updates directly from settings, with automatic installations for new releases.

Resolved Offline Tracking Issue:

We’ve fixed a critical bug that prevented TimeMaster from tracking when offline. Previously, an internal issue caused a failure in the API call we make to our service when the app goes offline, preventing the saving of data on the local drive. This call is crucial for categorizing activities, but rest assured, no personal, device, location, or any other data is transferred, ensuring complete anonymity.

Track Daily App and Website Usage Frequency

We’ve introduced a feature that displays the daily usage frequency of apps and websites. This helps you recognize how often distractions occur due to specific apps or websites. When the same app or website is accessed multiple times within 5 minutes, it’s counted as a single entry. Future updates will offer even more detailed analytics on app usage.

Time Breakdown Pop-Up:

time breakdown

Clicking on time breakdown categories now reveals a pop-up displaying all apps and websites categorized under focus, distraction, and collaboration.

Session Page Improvement:

app usage breakdown

Fixed an issue on the sessions page where the option to update categories was incorrectly displayed.

Project Details Enhancements:

project detail enhancement

Added time entries to the project details page, allowing for a comprehensive view of project-specific time logs. Future updates will include options to add tasks and export timesheets.

App Usage Category Breakdown:

The breakdown of app usage categories has been improved for clarity. Focus categories are now marked in blue, collaboration in yellow, and distractions in red. Uncategorized apps or websites appear in white, with the option to categorize them for a clearer overview.

App Version and Updates:

app version update

Now, from the settings page, you can see which version of the app you’re using and check for new updates directly. If a new version is available, it will be automatically downloaded and installed